The American Harp Society Foundation is delighted to announce the following Awards. Thanks to Penny Howk Beavers for pulling together the committees and running these competitions.

Kathy B. Moore Memorial Scholarship, 2019

Note that there was no applicant for the 2019 Kathy B. Moore Scholarship.

Kids for Camp Award, 2019

The American Harp Society Foundation’s Kids for Camp Awards Committee, chaired by Penny Howk Beavers with Elizabeth Huntley and Holly Avesian, has proudly selected two deserving young harpists as winners of the 2019 Kids for Camp $500 Awards: Shaylen Joos and Mia Safdie. These awards were generously given by Berklee College of Music Professor Felice Pomeranz, who has served the American Harp Society in many roles, including as Chairman of the AHS Board of Directors.

Crystal Joos, J. Loman, E. Hainen

Shaylen Joos attended the Curtis Summerfest Harp Colony studying with Elizabeth Hainen and Judy Loman.

Mia Safdie

Mia Safdie attended the American Harp Society’s Summer Institute 2019, where she was a featured young composer for their Young Composer Project and participated in several master classes, including that of Maria Luisa Rayan.

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